NBA Playoff Predictions




Pacers vs. Hawks: Pacers win series 4-1

Bulls vs. Wizards: Bulls win series 4-2

Raptors vs. Nets: Nets win series 4-3

Heat vs. Bobcats: Heat win series 4-0


Pacers vs. Bulls: Pacers win series 4-3

Heat vs. Nets: Heat win 4-2

Conference Finals

Pacers vs. Heat: Heat win 4-3



Spurs vs. Mavericks: Spurs win series 4-2

Rockets vs. Trailblazers: Trailblazers win series 4-3

Clippers vs. Warriors: Clippers win series 4-3

Thunder vs. Grizzlies: Thunder win series 4-1


Spurs vs. Trailblazers: Spurs win series 4-2

Thunder vs. Clippers: Clippers win series 4-3

Conference Finals

Spurs vs. Clippers: Spurs win series 4-3


Spurs vs. Heat: In a re-match of last years finals, the Spurs come in looking like the better team.  The Spurs will be trying to make up for their miscues in the Finals from last year where they had the championship all but locked up when they let the Heat come back and win it all.  Veteran leaders Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker will not let that happen again as the Spurs win the 2014 NBA Finals 4-2


Final Four Predictions Re-Visited

Just like the majority of the nation, my predictions for the Final Four didn’t quite pan out the way I was hoping for.  Nonetheless, my national champion pick Florida Gators are still in the running along with UConn, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.  With the field narrowed and set, it’s time to make the predictions again for the national championship.


Florida vs. UConn

The Florida Gators are the only team that made it from my original Final Four for one reason: they’re a legit force.  The Gators are a tough-it-out type of team and they work extremely hard on the defensive end to shut down teams.  UConn on the other hand is built around solid guard play in Ryan Boatright and Shabazz Napier.  This game will be a big matchup between Scottie Wilbekin and Shabazz Napier but the toughness of the Gators will send them to the championship.

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

The Kentucky Wildcats have ridden their Fab Freshmen all the way to the Final Four and they won’t stop there.  This game will be a contest between the over the top athleticism of Kentucky vs. the contained strength of Wisconsin.  However, with the battle down low between Julius Randle and Frank Kaminsky, the Kentucky guard play will put them on top to set up the SEC laden finale to the season.


Florida vs. Kentucky

This championship clash between SEC rivals will be a game to remember.  At the beginning of the season, Patric Young was quoted saying in regards to the Kentucky freshmen: “I hope they think they can just walk on the court and they’re going to beat everybody…I hope that’s what they think”.  This game will be one for the ages, fast paced, high scoring, and full of emotion.  Four years in a row Patric Young, Scottie Wilbekin, and the Florida Gators made it to the Elite Eight but lost.  Their long journey now culminates with a shot at the trophy their senior year.  On the Kentucky side, the freshmen are looking to prove themselves worthy for the NBA and silence all the critics with this final run for the championship.  In the end however, the experience and poise of the seasoned Florida Gators will come out on top holding the national championship trophy up high.