Storylines to Follow this NBA Season

The 2014-2015 NBA schedule was released earlier this week, and this year proves to be one of the most interesting seasons we could have in several years.  Homecomings, new rivalries created, old rivalries given new life, and a wide open playing field give NBA fans a plethora of games to watch, and we’ll let you know some storylines to follow this season.

Cavalier Homecomings

Love and James will be playing against their former teams as new members to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While the rest of the NBA is hopping on the Cavalier bandwagon and praising LeBron for going back home, Miami and Minnesota fans aren’t quite that happy for them.  The Cavaliers have games at both Miami and Minnesota and it’s always fun to watch fans cry and throw a fit as they watch their former star play for another team.  While the games probably won’t be all that exciting as the Cavs will blow out both opponents, the fans in the arenas should offer quite a show.

Any Cavaliers-Bulls Game

Noah and the Bulls will square off against nemesis LeBron James and the Cavaliers several times this year.

Before LeBron infamously signed with Miami, a huge rivalry was stirring between Cleveland and Chicago.  It all started with Noah and James going at it constantly which carried over to a very intense Bulls and Heat rivalry.  But with LeBron moving back to Cleveland, the Cavs and Bulls are in the same division which means us fans get much more Noah and James action.  The best part of this rivalry? Both teams are championship contenders so that amongst all the fighting and trash talk, both teams are going to perform at the highest level.  If you need a reminder about this rivalry, check out what Joakim Noah had to say about the city of Cleveland.

Who Wins MVP?

James and Durant are favorites to win this year’s MVP award.

For the last six MVP awards, LeBron has won 4, Durant won last years, and Derrick Rose was the youngest player ever to win at the age of 22.  With LeBron switching over to the Cavs, his role changes to a point where he doesn’t have to be a playmaker as much now that he has Kyrie Irving but he will have to rebound more with a poor frontcourt.  Durant will be as good as ever as he looks to bring the Thunder their first championship ever and Rose is looking to prove that he’s still must watch TV and one of the best players in the league.  There’s a brand new mix of players in the hunt for the Maurice Podoloff trophy and it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top.

Young Talent

parker and wiggins
Parker (left), Wiggins (right), and the rest of the 2014 draft class eagerly await the start to their NBA careers.

This year’s draft offered a plethora of new talent that will be the stars of tomorrow.  With many former stars nearing retirement, such as Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, all the new talent bodes well for the future of the NBA.  Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins are a couple of the players that are looking to impact the game now while the rest of the players will look to use their minutes this year to develop into starting roles for their respective teams.


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