Top 5 Beards In The MLB: 2014 Edition

It’s that time of year again. It gets darker sooner, the air is chillier and brisk, and baseball playoff beards spring up anew.  While the World Series may be over and the San Francisco Giants players are living up another championship title, it’s time to look back at this year’s great beards.

2Beard Hunter Pence

5) Hunter Pence- Giants OF: Hunter Pence doesn’t quite grow the strongest beard.  He looks like a college kid experimenting with his facial hair for the first time ever, checking out what he’s got.  But he’s a World Series champion, so he deserves credit.

2Beard Carlos Villanueva

4) Carlos Villanueva- Cubs SP:  While the Cubs didn’t make the playoffs again (shocker), Carlos Villanueva sported a simply delightful beard.  Bushy on the bottom along the chin, little soul patch, and a slightly curled at the ends moustache.  Well played Carlos.

2Beard Russel Martin

3) Russell Martin-Pirates C: Russell Martin is growing the classic, fluffy afro on his face.  It looks like he doesn’t even need a pillow when he sleeps, he just folds it up to his liking and falls gently asleep.

2Beard Alex Gordon

2) Alex Gordon-Royals OF: I challenge anyone to find a better tamed beard than this one.  Alex took a beard that easily could have gotten out of control and trimmed it, combed it, and nurtured it to glamour.  Way to tame the beast.


1) Derek Norris-Athletics C: Yes. Just yes.


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