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Free Agent Moneymakers

To intense sports fans, the offseason is so much more than just a break from one’s favorite sport.  The offseason is a flurry of action as free agents look to sign with a new team which is poised to make a run at the championship.  These free agents can sign for record numbers in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but more importantly they affect the economy of whatever city they decide to go to.  Whether these big money free agents decide to go to or leave a city, the economy of that city will feel the effects of their decision, for better or for worse. Continue reading Free Agent Moneymakers


Is Nike Still The Best In Apparel?

Reigning MVP Kevin Durant signed a $300M contract to stay with Nike
Reigning MVP Kevin Durant signed a $300M contract to stay with Nike

The Nike logo has become iconic over the years.  It symbolizes strength, the will to win, and the best performing gear out there.  Anyone who has ever played sports at one time or another had a pair of Nikes that they just felt they could shred the competition with.  But as new companies have arisen, Nike has had some fierce competition in every division of the company from football to soccer to basketball.  NBA star Kevin Durant was offered roughly $275M by Under Armour to wear their shoes and Durant seriously considered it.  Durant eventually decided to stay with Nike but with one of the top athletes almost leaving for a competitor, is Nike still the top dog when it comes to apparel? Continue reading Is Nike Still The Best In Apparel?

Storylines to Follow this NBA Season

The 2014-2015 NBA schedule was released earlier this week, and this year proves to be one of the most interesting seasons we could have in several years.  Homecomings, new rivalries created, old rivalries given new life, and a wide open playing field give NBA fans a plethora of games to watch, and we’ll let you know some storylines to follow this season.
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What Now?


Where do LeBron James and the Heat go from here? They were just blown out of the NBA Finals while they were seeking their 3-peat.  All of the Spurs wins in the Finals were by 15+ points and they manhandled the Heat on both sides of the court.  Credit is due to the Spurs on how lights out they played, and Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker were simply the better “Big 3”.  With all that being said, all eyes are now on the 2nd place team and how they will react to this beating.

First off, it’s time to address whether or not LeBron is staying or leaving.  With a loss in these Finals, some basketball “geniuses” think that LeBron will leave for Cleveland or some other team.  What does Cleveland have to offer that Miami can’t offer as well?  Why did LeBron leave Cleveland in the first place?  If LeBron were to choose to leave Miami, Cleveland doesn’t seem to make much sense.  He plans to go on vacation with his family to discuss what he will do with his contract however, so everything is still very much in the air.

Now the Miami Heat organization on the other hand has plenty of work to do.  The Heat’s one big weakness was exploited heavily by the Spurs, which is that the Heat aren’t balanced whatsoever and they struggled against balanced teams like the Spurs.  In Game 3 Chris Bosh only touched the ball on offense 13 times.  A member of the Big 3 can’t touch the ball only 13 times and still expect to win.  The Heat in the off season need to add several pieces to their bench to help keep the offensive and defensive ends in check while LeBron heals up from his cramps.  Shane Battier declared his retirement after Game 5 and he was a huge leader off the bench which means the Heat have a long and difficult road ahead of them to rectify their weaknesses.

From a bigger picture standpoint, the Heat need to lose or upgrade a member of their Big 3.  It makes sense to keep LeBron there obviously because he’s the best player in the world.  The Heat almost always lose when Chris Bosh doesn’t get a sufficient amount of touches on offense, which means that Bosh adds that final push they need over most teams.  Wade shows up in the big games and still has the ability to explode on offense.  All three have their weaknesses as well though: LeBron causes most players to just stand around and watch what he does, Bosh can be inconsistent, and Wade has struggled heavily with his health.  Whoever the Heat choose to drop or upgrade, they have to make several changes if they want to be back on top of the NBA mountain.

Conference Finals Preview


lebron george

Pacers vs. Heat: In a rematch of last years intense conference finals, neither team is as good as they were last year.  The Pacers have a record of 14-14 in their last 28 games and have struggled to beat the weakest teams in the NBA.  Last year they prided themselves on team chemistry while this year they are trying to rediscover who they are as a squad.  The Heat lost much of their bench scoring and they are starting to rely too heavily on LeBron.  Last year’s series went to 7 games, but this year it won’t be down to the wire.  The Pacers will be able to make it interesting in some games, but they are too inconsistent at the moment to be a serious threat and the Heat will win the series 4-2.


NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder vs. Spurs: This series will be much more tightly contested than the Eastern Conference series.  Both the Spurs and the Thunder know each other well and have been rolling lately.  The Thunder however lost Serge Ibaka for the rest of the postseason due to a knee injury suffered in their last series against the Clippers.  The loss of Ibaka will seriously hinder the Thunder against the size of the Spurs.  The Spurs will come out on top to win the series 4-3 and they have the best chance out of either team to dethrone King James and the Miami Heat.


The King vs. The Greatest Ever


Who’s better: LeBron James or Michael Jordan?  We’ve all heard this argument and just like everyone else, I’m tired of hearing it debated.  We’ve all heard the argument that LeBron isn’t better because he has help in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  But any true Jordan fan can’t forget the fact that Michael had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.  With all these poor arguments being made, it’s time to put all the argument to rest as to why LeBron James will never be better than Michael Jordan.

What Jordan did was groundbreaking.  Sure there have always been great players such as Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Magic Johnson, but none of those players brought as much to the game as Michael Jordan did.  Aside from being one of the best players ever, Jordan, along with David Stern, turned the NBA into a globally recognized game.  When the Dream Team made their way around the world for the Olympics, Jordan was the main attraction as they won gold in 1993.  But why would he be the main attraction when the game wasn’t as globalized yet?  On paper Jordan is one of the greats but what makes him the greatest ever is the flash and skill he had.  The Russells and the Chamberlains of old were great but that was it.  Jordan was great because the way he competed, the way conducted himself on the court, and how he just buried opponents made people watching realize that he was different from every other player.  With the help of new technology, Jordan’s greatest plays were able to be seen all around the world and fans everywhere were able to see his greatest plays to date over and over again.

Why will LeBron James never be as great as Michael Jordan?  Simply because he came second.  If their places were reversed and LeBron James came at Jordan’s time and vise versa then James would be the greatest ever and Jordan would be left on the outside looking in.  James has done everything from a media and sponsorship standpoint that Jordan did and James continues to keep the NBA in the global market.  At his point in his career, James has almost all of the same accolades that Jordan had at the equivalent time as well.  But to no fault of his own, LeBron James will always be secondary because everything he will do will already be done already by either Jordan or one of the other greats.  Both players are extremely talented and helped shape the game into what it is today and they are almost interchangeable.

This will continue to be a problem for every great player that comes into the NBA for years and years to come because it will be very hard to forget what Michael Jordan brought to the NBA.  But why try to debate who was better when we can sit back and watch greatness happen live?  These debates will continue to happen but don’t forget to enjoy that LeBron, while he will never be greater than Jordan, is great in his own right and deserves to be appreciated all the same.