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Most Profitable Non-Profit Ever

The NFL has had a lot of issues and problems this season.  Whether it was the domestic abuse problems or the recent deflated footballs, Roger Goodell certainly has a lot on his plate.  What the biggest problem is though is how much money the NFL brings in every year ($9.5 billion to exact) and the fact that they are still listed as a non-profit organization. Continue reading Most Profitable Non-Profit Ever


What’s Happened To Baseball? PART 2

Another reason fans started to lose interest in baseball was because of the growing gap between the good and bad teams.  Baseball was alive and well in New York because they were constantly a winning team and had a lot of money.  But in cities like Kansas City and Pittsburgh fans began to lose interest as their teams continued to be bad and get worse because they had no money to pay for better talent.  This trend has continued all the way to the present day when mlbthe Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees have some of the biggest fan bases in baseball, and they are paying $241M and $208M respectively for their teams.  The Houston Astros and Miami Marlins have some the emptiest stadiums and smallest fan bases and they are paying $45M and $42M respectively for their teams (MLB Top Teams Payroll).  Continue reading What’s Happened To Baseball? PART 2