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How Small Market Teams Find Success

Kyle Tooley

The past sport’s year alone has seen two classifiable “small-market” teams make it to their respective championship games.  With the Kansas City Royals of the MLB and the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA, we see two different structures and formulas for building a championship team.  And actually, the methods should be different.  Small-market teams are affected differently in the MLB than they are in the NBA, and that has to do with how each league’s salary cap rules, or lack thereof, are set up.  But when it’s game seven and we have a team from New York or Los Angeles matching up against a team from Sacramento or San Antonio we have to ask the questions of how did this happen? How was a relatively poor team able to compete with teams that don’t have a money problem?

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Top 5 Beards In The MLB: 2014 Edition

It’s that time of year again. It gets darker sooner, the air is chillier and brisk, and baseball playoff beards spring up anew.  While the World Series may be over and the San Francisco Giants players are living up another championship title, it’s time to look back at this year’s great beards. Continue reading Top 5 Beards In The MLB: 2014 Edition

Predictions at the Half

oakland a's

With the All-Star Break right around the corner, the first half to a long MLB season is halfway over.  There have been plenty of surprises and shockers so far, and now it’s time to make some predictions for who comes out on top in each league.

American League

Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers: The A’s and the Tigers will meet up again, just as they did in last year’s Divisional Playoff round.  The prediction for this year though is that the A’s avenge their loss last year in the playoffs and come out on top. The A’s just recently acquired Jeff Samardzija from the Cubs and the instant boost to their bullpen will help propel them to the top of the American League.  Along with their pitching, the A’s have an exceptional lineup that hits for power and for average that can dismember even the best of opposing bullpens.  The Tigers on the other hand have one of the most powerful lineups in baseball with Miguel Cabrera at the helm.  Justin Verlander may have lost some speed and is struggling, but Max Scherzer and the rest of the Tigers bullpen has stepped up and are delivering quite a masterful performance this year.  When the two teams inevitably meet in the AL Championship Series, the A’s will come out on top 4-2 in the series.

National League

St. Louis Cardinals and LA Dodgers: The Cardinals may be second in the Central Division, but come the end of the year they will retake their spot at number one.  Adam Wainwright has been a beast this year and the Cardinals, just like always, are quietly one of the best teams in baseball.  Their bullpen is superb and everyone in the lineup can get on base and move each other around the diamond.  The other top team in the NL is the Dodgers, who finally will get their chance to be in the spotlight of the World Series.  Yasiel Puig and the star studded Dodgers lineup are similar to the A’s in the fact that they can easily hit for average as well as muscle it out of the park.  Kershaw leads the lights out bullpen that can shut down even the best of offenses in the majors.  The Dodgers will beat the Cardinals 4-3 to reach the World Series.